Republic of Korea Will Continue To Strengthen Its Development Cooperation With Ethiopia: Ambassador Seokhee

Republic of Korea will continue to strengthen development cooperation with Ethiopia, Ambassador Kang Seokhee told ENA.

According to him, Republic of Korea’s diplomatic relations with Ethiopia is growing.

The cooperation between the countries has in particular been consolidated in various development sectors, he added, stating that efforts are being made to further strengthen the relationship.

Ambassador Seokhee reiterated that his country will enhance its support for the implementation of the agreement.

Republic of Korea is making preparations to restart its development projects in the northern part of the country, he said.

“We will support this peace process. Korea has development projects in the northern part of the country. Because of the conflict these projects have been delayed. We plan to facilitate the delayed development projects soon.”

Republic of Korea government had provided 1.5 million USD for humanitarian aid and 10 million USD worth food aid, he stated.

Ambassador Seokhee disclosed that activities are underway to provide additional humanitarian support and restart work on various development projects that have been disrupted.

“We are considering other contributions to Ethiopia. The first one is to facilitate the ongoing development projects in the northern part of this country, and the other one is providing other assistances to Ethiopia.”

Ambassador further revealed that Republic of Korea plans to provide over 8 million USD food and humanitarian aid to Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency