Residents Urged To Support Village Cluster Program

Principal Secretary Cabinet Affairs Office Mr. Idris Dokota has urged residents of Tana River County to support the Village Cluster Program started by Tana River County Government.

Speaking today at Laza Leisure Hotel during the presentation of the Fourth Medium Term Plan 2023-2027, Mr. Dokota said, the program is meant to expand Hola Town and also assisting those people facing floods every rainy season in the County.

The PS said, the Medium Plan aims at growing and expanding the economy, thus the Village Cluster Program is among the projects in the Medium Term Plan, saying any program that brings development should be supported.

He also said, in the Medium Term Plan, Hola Air strip is set to be expanded into a position to accommodate big planes and not helicopters alone.

Speaking at the same function, Tana River Governor Dadho Godana supported the Fourth Medium Term Plan 2023-2027.

He said if the National government will support in the implementation of the Village Cluster Program then the cases of floo
ds victims in Tana River County will reduce.

Governor Godana said, the program aims at relocating all people in the flooded areas to high lands and building social amenities such as schools and health centres for them.

Source: Kenya News Agency