Residents Welcome Government Move To Construct Huduma Centre In Molo Sub-County

Residents of Molo sub-county have commended the effort by the government to construct a Huduma centre saying that it will minimize costs and save them time spent in search of key government services.

According to an area resident, Edith Ndung’u, they have been accessing some of the government services at the Nakuru Huduma centre which is an hour drive from Molo town and this has made most of them shun away from making follow ups when required to do so.

‘It is time consuming and also a costly affair to travel all the way to Nakuru since at times one will be required again at a later date,’ said Edith.

She further observed that the demand for accessing these services is growing due to the long queues at the centre and by establishing a centre in Molo, it will ease that burden and even allow locals in neighbouring sub-counties have the services closer to them.

‘We encounter so many frustrations like wastage of time in moving from one office to another, transport hitches, and we are optimistic that the centre
will lessen our headache and provide efficient services to the locals,’ she said.

Late last year, the Huduma centre CEO, Ben Kai Chilumo speaking during a site visit in Molo to identify the area where the centre will be constructed, he said that the construction of the centre at the sub-county level was going to go a long way into easing the financial burden that comes with conducting the Huduma mashinani initiative that is done at least ten times in a year.

Chilumo noted that on the other hand, it was going to be time saving and reduce the expenses spent by locals to get the services from the city.

The construction of the Huduma centres will be done in all other sub-counties too with a view of bringing the services closer to the citizens.

Source: Kenya News Agency

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