SDF NEC takes major resolutions on the life of the party, Cameroon and Africa

Meeting in Yaounde on 9 September 2023, the National Executive Committee of the Social Democratic Front chaired by the 1st Vice President, Hon. Joshua OSIH, debated and discussed party, national and international matters with major resolutions taken.

Firstly, on the life of the party, the NEC set 24 September 2023 as the deadline for the reception of candidature applications from the regional executives for election to the National Executive Committee during the 10th ordinary convention.

A member of NEC, Chantal KAMBIWA was kicked out of the party indefinitely and all powers to represent the SDF anywhere were seized from her. Her replacement according to the NEC will be done subsequently.

On the national scene, the NEC strongly condemned the government’s inability to put a permanent end to the conflict in the North-West and South-West regions and reiterated that

the government takes a bold political decision to end the crisis.

The NEC also condemned the continuous and unjustified terror and attacks by purported separatist

fighters on the people of these regions, depleting the population of its dignity and right

to live and depriving all the innocent school children of their right to education, for six years.

The government has been called to assume its responsibility to protect students, pupils, and teachers, to recognize the efforts of the Teachers, and to give them decent treatment.

The NEC urged the government to take immediate action to overthrow the escalating poverty in Cameroon and to open its eyes to supervise construction works so that they respect norms of town planning and urbanization to bring cities into modernity void of frequent and rampant collapse of buildings.

On the international scene, the NEC condemned the repeated “Military Coups” in West and Central Africa which it regards as anti-democratic, instead of upholding democratic, participatory, and transparent processes to install legitimately representative governments.

Thus, the NEC called for a return to constitutional order in NIGER to allow President Mohamed

BAZOUM and his government complete their mandate.

It also reiterated its call for an immediate ceasefire and restraint by both warring parties in Sudan sides in the civil war in order to save lives and property.

The African Union (AU) was congratulated by the NEC for its admission as a permanent member of

the G20 nations.

Source: Cameroon News Agency