South West Region: Konye Hospital honors staff with awards and gifts

Amid the conflict that started in 2016, health personnel have faced tremendous persecution in line with their duties, but they have never given up fighting to save lives. Though the Konye District Hospital operates in the unrest in Meme Division, the South West region, the staff have braved the odds to keep to their Hippocratic oath, even after suffering a four-year closure.

The Chief of the Health District in Konye, Dr Nzozone Henry, summarised this ordeal by saying that ‘Konye is a highly insecure zone yet over the past 3 years these staffs have put in their last sweat and blood to ensure the people of Konye receive quality healthcare which is a fundamental human right.’

On December 22, 2023, the efforts of the Konye District Health Services Staff were compensated in a prize award ceremony that brought together, traditional rulers, South West regional health officials, administrative and security officers.

The Chief of the Health District in Konye, Dr. Nzozone Henry, revealed that the hospital had been
in ruins with equipment stolen, and when they reopened in April 2021, they realized there was nothing left to operate with but with concerted efforts, there was a massive turnaround with positive advocacy targetting Government institutions, Councils, NGOs, and well-wishers. ‘In June 2021, we secured the donation of an Ultra Modern Autoclave and Oxygen concentrator by the ISLAMIC BANK. In June 2021, we secured material donations from the Konye Municipal Council to 8 facilities in the district worth 35 million FCFA. July 2023 we Installed a solar power system to provide lighting to the Konye District hospital and power all laboratory equipment.’ He revealed.

Donations also came from the South West Regional Assembly, GAVI, Ministry of Public Health, CERAC Women, and UNICEF among others.

The Staff used this equipment and support and changed the status of the hospital from ruins to life!

These achievements are the main reasons why the Staff of the Konye District Hospital were awarded prizes for the swift transf
ormation of the health institution.

‘Recognizing and rewarding the efforts of our staff is essential for maintaining motivation and morale. By presenting these price awards, we aim to show our appreciation for their hard work and dedication. This recognition will not only encourage our staff to continue striving for excellence but also serve as an inspiration to others in the community. Moreover, acknowledging the achievements of our staff helps to strengthen the bond between the health services and the community. By showcasing the positive impact of their work, we can foster a sense of pride and unity, which is crucial for the continued success of our healthcare services.’ The Chief of the Health District in Konye emphasized.


Neatest health facility

Best facility in timeliness and completeness of reports

Most proactive facility in universal health coverage

Facility with best data quality for malaria

Best chief of center

Facility with best data quality for EPI

Certificate of recognition

ost dedicated community health worker

Most punctual staff District Hospital Konye

Most dedicated staff District Hospital Konye

Best behaved staff District Hospital Konye

Most hardworking staff District Hospital Konye

Best health area chairman

Best focal point communication

While thanking the administration, traditional rulers, the Council, and well-wishers, the Chief of the Health District paid a special tribute to the Staff, adding ‘Let us also look forward to the future and the continued growth of our healthcare services. Together, we can ensure that the people of Konye District receive the best possible care, now and in the years to come.’

Future projects include:

Enroll all targets for Universal health coverage in Konye and further ensure they benefit from all the packages put in place by the State.

Advocate for the improvement of human resources, more doctors, more nurses, more midwives

Invest in the training and development of our staff to ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge t
o deliver the best possible care.

Advocate for more bikes to cover all remaining 9-health facilities

Advocate for infrastructural maintenance of all health facilities

Advocate for solar power installations for all health facilities

Continuing to collaborate with local and international partners to access the latest medical advancements and technologies.
Source: Cameroon News Agency