Spain Reaffirms Its Commitment to Support Ethiopia’s Development Agenda

Addis Ababa: Spain has reaffirmed its commitment to support Ethiopia's development agenda, according to the Ministry of Finance.

State Minister of Finance, Semereta Sewasew met today with Director General of Cooperation for Africa and Asia of the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID), Carmen Magariños and the newly appointed Spanish Ambassador Guillermo Lopez Mac-Lellan along with other members of the visiting member of the delegation.

The director general affirmed Spain's commitment to maintaining and strengthening its assistance to Ethiopia, as outlined in the Framework Agreement signed one year before.

Strategic areas of collaboration between Ethiopia and Spain include working towards universal health coverage, building resilient and inclusive rural development, as well as focusing on programs that promote gender equality, it was learned.

Magariños noted that Ethiopia is a priority country for Spanish cooperation.

She further emphasized that the Spanish Cooperation will continue to encourage alliances with Ethiopian public institutions, civil society, the private sector, community groups, and other development partners to strengthen the effectiveness and quality of Spain's supported initiatives in Ethiopia.

Semereta Sewasew, on her part, said Ethiopia considers Spain as a major partner in bilateral relations in development cooperation, trade, investment, aviation, and other fields.

The state minister also pledged to strengthen regular consultations for further cooperation between Ethiopia and Spain, working closely with the new Ambassador and his team to advance mutual interests.

After the meeting, the delegation visited the Spanish-supported project namely Women's Empowerment for Socioecological Resilience of Coffee Value-chain against Climate Change in Ethiopia.

The project aims at empowering women in the coffee value chain amidst the challenges of climate change, it was indicated.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency