Stakeholders Meet To Discuss Drafting Of Turkana Energy Laws

Stakeholders in the energy sector embarked on talks on Tuesday that will culminate in the drafting of a Turkana Energy Bill and Regulations to safeguard the energy sector.

The workshop, supported by GIZ, brought together stakeholders from the energy sector and county legal services to propose the provisions of the proposed bill and regulations.

Speaking while opening the workshop, Tourism, Culture, Natural Resources, and Climate Change County Executive Committee Member (CECM) Elizabeth Loote appreciated GIZ and other partners for their continued support towards the inception of a draft bill.

Loote said the draft bill should have provisions that would not only enhance the county’s energy sector but also provide accessible and affordable energy in the county.

‘The bill will go a long way in helping us mobilise resources for sustainable energy solutions in the county, hence the need for the establishment of the energy fund,’ she said.

Loote emphasised that there was a need to embrace clean energy, especial
ly in municipalities, as the regulations would also provide for compliance for energy sector players.

Chief Officer for Energy and Mining, Triza Amoni, said that the bill should focus on the priorities of the community.

‘We envision a bill that will address the unique needs of the county. It should also provide an alternative and sustainable source of power in the form of clean and renewable energy,’ she said.

Triza also added that the bill should address the social heritage audit, among other issues, especially the negative impacts associated with energy development in the county.

Turkana County is the first county to work on the formulation of an energy bill for regulatory frameworks in line with the national government in its bid to strengthen the energy sector.

The workshop, moderated by MK and Co. Advocates, saw the participants guided on the situational analysis of policy and legal frameworks, the Turkana energy sector, and the proposed regulatory development approach and work plan.

The workshop a
lso saw stakeholders give their input on issues addressed by the bill and regulations through an open session where a multi-sectoral technical steering committee was constituted to spearhead the draft bill formulation.

Stakeholders drawn from key sectors of the county, legal representatives from the County Attorney’s Office, Kenya Power and Lighting Company, Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy Corporation (REREC), and KUDURA attended the meeting.

Source: Kenya News Agency