Storm Victims Exchange Relief Items For A Glass Of Chang’aa

Just a week after the national government and county government distributed relief food and iron sheets to the victims of storm and floods in Teso North, residents are now exchanging the items with cash or a glass of the sweetener ‘chang’aa’. The victims who received 17 iron sheets; 10 from national government and 7 from county government opted to cash in on the item which retails at Sh. 1,450 for just shs.500. Speaking at Angurai Vocational Training Institute in Teso north Subcounty during the distribution of relief foods and iron-sheets to over 200 families, Angurai Division Assistant County Commissioner Ben Kipkorir Birechi noted that his office will conduct an audit to the families to ascertain residents who exchanged iron sheets for chang’aa. ‘The disaster committee together with local administration will conduct a forensic audit to identify those who pretended or bribed to be enlisted as victims only to sell the items for a glass of chang’aa,’ said ACC Angurai Birechi. His sentiments come a week after residents invited DCI to investigate the entire process that was marred with corruption where some families who were never affected ended up receiving relief items. The ACC was speaking when he accompanied Busia governor Dr. Paul Nyongesa Otuoma to distribute relief food to the affected families by storms and floods that rendered over 70 families homeless. With the ongoing rainfalls in most part of the country, governor Otuoma has urged the government to release disaster funds to the counties already experiencing adverse flooding to aid affected families noting that Busia is already overwhelmed by the effects of floods with Budalang’i Asokoro, Amoni and Akiriamasi. ‘As a county we are overwhelmed by the floods already, hundreds are displaced already across the county. We are appealing to the national disaster committee to give us funds to mitigate the situation before it escalates,’ said governor Otuoma. The governor has now attributed the flooding in the country to global warming effects as a result of emissions from industrious countries on the globe urging the president Dr. Ruto to champion for compensations of countries that contribute least to climate change. Earlier this year, a collection of climate researchers known as World Weather Attribution said in a report limited data made it impossible to ‘confidently evaluate’ the role of climate change in flooding that killed hundreds of people in Africa. Residents of Osia village led by Vincent Aunya Ekisa and Penina Nekesa applauded the government move to help the affected families even as they warn those taking the relief aids for granted. ‘If you were never affected, do not rush for free things, they won’t help you,’ said Nekesa. Busia county for many years has been on spot-light when it comes to floods, so far 3 people have lost their lives as a result of ongoing rains with hundreds still displaced.

Source: Kenya News Agency