Strada Beta Release Shepherds in a New Era of Content Creation Workflow

One of the media industry's most anticipated new technology releases of the year makes its official debut. The Strada A.I.-super-powered workflow platform is now in private beta.

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 1, 2024 / Today, the beta version of Strada, the cloud-based workflow automation platform designed for creative professionals across the content creation spectrum, was unveiled to the creative community after months of research, testing, and development (all shared in the YouTube series "Building an Alpha"). At the Garry Marshall Theatre in Burbank, California, Strada founders and brothers Michael and Peter Cioni debuted the brand-new A.I.-enabled media workflow platform to hundreds of creative professionals. They presented in front of a live audience with no pre-recorded demos and no room for error. The event and technology were impressive and can be viewed on YouTube.

Strada is a cloud-based platform that removes the complexities and inefficiencies faced by professional content creators. Built for every type of content maker, from Hollywood cinematographers to indie filmmakers to YouTubers and every collaborator in between, Strada automates tedious manual tasks, simplifies workflows, and reduces delivery times, allowing the creator to focus on creative storytelling. The customizable platform experience enables users to design workflows for their unique post-production needs, with features such as multi-cloud syncing, multicam playback, automatic transcription and translation, transcoding, and A.I. tagging and analysis, all controlled from a sleek and intuitive browser interface.

Powering automatic translation in Strada

Strada is the brainchild of Hollywood tech veterans Michael Cioni, a workflow expert with hundreds of film and TV titles in his portfolio, and Peter Cioni, an accomplished media and entertainment executive. The two are seasoned entrepreneurs who have partnered multiple times to launch startups and develop innovations that have left lasting marks on the industry at large. Through their combined experience and deep understanding of the post-production landscape from creative, technological, and business perspectives, the Cionis launched Strada to address workflow challenges creatives are all too familiar with.

"I have been working in production and post my entire professional career; I know if I'm experiencing problems while making content, there are millions of others who are continually frustrated while dealing with the shortcomings of the tool sets available to us," explains Michael, CEO and co-founder of Strada. "With recent advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, I believe there are new ways to leverage the cloud to automate and remove workflow hurdles. Strada is the first A.I.-powered platform designed for the creative community."

Built and tested by a team of creatives with deep roots in film technology, Strada dissected the recurring challenges faced in stills, sound, and video workflows and traced those back to foundational components consistent across the board. They call these the 4 T's: Transfer, Transcribe, Transcode, and Tag/Analyze (dubbed: Tanalyze).

Tanalyze your media with Strada

"The 4 T's are not what make Strada; they are foundational components that will unlock thousands of capabilities for Strada users to revolutionize how they make content," Peter states. "We cannot wait to put Strada in the hands of early users and get their feedback, which will help with our product roadmap. We have lots of incredible ideas of what to build over the next 12 months, but feedback from the community on technology this advanced is crucial for us at this stage."

The 4 T's of Strada:

  • Transfer: Out of the box, Strada is compatible with Dropbox, Google Drive,, and Lightroom, allowing users to see their media within a single GUI, as well as transfer between destinations. More integrations to come.
  • Transcribe: Automatically create searchable captions in more than 100 languages.
  • Tanalyze: Automatically tag objects, people, locations, and emotions for advanced search.
  • Transcode: Export metadata-rich files for editing and distribution.

Michael sums up the beta launch: "Strada is so much more than a tool for viewing media and managing assets; it will unlock workflows no other tools can."

Download the Strada Beta Launch Media Kit. For press inquiries, contact Megan Fasy at

Become a Strada Beta Tester

To join the Strada beta, sign up for the app, reach out to the Strada team at to share details about who you are and what project(s) you would like to test it on.

Join Strada

We're looking for people to join us on our journey as we build a new future of content creation. Be sure to check out our careers page for roles in engineering, product, editing, and marketing.

As we build out the Strada marketplace, we are also looking for developers who are designing world-class creative tools to transform production workflows. Contact us to be among the first to pioneer the future of content creation and receive early access to our Developer Portal.

About Strada

Strada, founded by brothers Michael and Peter Cioni in June 2023, is the world's first A.I.-enabled platform purpose-built for content creators. Strada is designed to reinvent workflow, giving time back to creative professionals so that they can focus on telling great stories.

Strada is backed by filmmakers Glenn Ficarra and John Requa ("Rabbit Hole," "This Is Us," "Crazy, Stupid, Love"), Jason Fotter, co-founder and former CTO of FuseFX, the principals of Ataboy Studios, as well as well an investment group behind Donut Media, Endcrawl and Goldieblox. Panavision president and CEO Kim Snyder sits on the Strada Advisory Board.

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