Stray Leopard Kills Livestock In Karachuonyo

A farmer in Karachuonyo constituency suffered heavy losses after a wild animal suspected to be leopard attacked and killed his six sheep.

During the Thursday afternoon incident, the farmer identified as Dan Akicho who hails from Kakwa-Juok village in North Karachuonyo Location lost the animals when the wild animal attacked the tethered sheep.

The farmer said that he had tethered his sheep to graze before the wild animal attacked them.

‘I had tethered my sheep in a well fenced compound and left home some business elsewhere. Unfortunately, I was later informed on phone that they had been killed,’ Akicho said.

Akicho said that the necks of each sheep had deep cuts sustained from the sharp canines of the big cat. However, their carcasses were not eaten.

The carcasses of the sheep were intact, but the wild animal sucked their blood.

‘I suspect the wild animal is a leopard because it normally deals with livestock in that manner,’ he said.

He appealed to the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to intervene and cage
stray leopards.

Last year, another farmer lost eight sheep in a similar incident. Akicho said the wild animals were causing serious economic drawbacks in the area.

North Karachuonyo Chief Wilson Were instructed residents to report to Kenya Wildlife Service offices such stray wild animals.

The administrator said reporting such cases would enable the government to undertake investigations and compensate them.

Source: Kenya News Agency