Transformer Vandals Put On Notice

Murang’a County Commissioner (CC) Patrick Mukuria has cautioned residents against theft and vandalism of Kenya Power Company (KPC) transformers, saying the twin vices were leaving residents in extended blackouts.
Speaking at Mjini in Murang’a town, Mukuria decried rampant theft of transformer parts in the county by culprits targeting copper wires inside the said gadgets and the transformer oil, which reportedly fetches high prices in the black market.
‘In the recent past, we have had to deal with many cases of this particular crime that wasn’t there before, and that is vandalism of transformers,’ he said.
The county commissioner called upon residents to take ownership of the transformers that are meant to serve them and collectively protect them from any form of vandalism.
‘When a transformer is vandalised, the beneficiary residents go without power for long periods of time before a replacement is done, and this affects homes and businesses,’ he observed.
‘As residents, you should know this transformer is for your own good and not merely the property of KPC, hence the need to guard it protectively,’ he added.
The County Commissioner called upon Murang’a residents to report any suspicious activity near transformers and along power lines to the relevant authorities to avert more losses.

Source: Kenya News Agency