University of Buea Science Faculty sizes up contribution to nation ahead of Expo

The Faculty of Science of the University of Buea is bracing up for it’s 4th Faculty Expo on Thursday 17- Friday 18 May, 2024. An event to showcase it’s strides in the last 30 years in nation building and scientific innovation.

Stakeholders of the faculty, headed by Prof. Roland Ndip Ndip as Dean briefed newsmen on the advances and contributions of the UB Faculty of Science. And the keynotes of the upcoming expo in a press conference, May 13, at the boardroom of the institution.

The two day conclave will be anchored on the theme; ‘Faculty of Science: Thirty years of contribution to the transformation of the educational landscape of Cameroon and national development’. The keynote address during the event will be delivered by Dr. Denis L. Nkweteyim, who is head of department of Computer Science.

The seasoned computer researcher will be discussing on ‘Ensuring relevance and excellence of Scientific training in the era of artificial intelligence’. Other themes which will be discussed by other selected professio
nals and academicians will include; the contribution of science to the transformation of Cameroon’s natural resources, and climate change and the well being of Cameroonians.

The Faculty of Science of the University of Buea will be introducing the public to it’s labs with state of the arts equipments serving both internal and externally. Top of which Prof. Fonge Beatrice, Vice-Dean/Research and Cooperation revealed is the Clinical Diagnostic Lab which is opened to the general public and offers medical diagnostic tests.

Another innovation disclosed which will go full spring in the coming days is the ‘UB spring’, a water bottling firm. Authorities at the Faculty of Science said this was seriously being worked on. As it will not only serve to meet the water needs of the population of Buea and other towns but serve as a source of income for the faculty and the University while serving as job opportunities to many. Other labs which are functional including the Infection Diagnostic Lab and that of Biogas.

In term
s of academic achievements, the faculty counts over 1000 Master degree holders with over 300 PhD defenses carried out. In 2022-2023 alone, the faculty of Science through it’s students published over 300 articles with a great number of international repute.

Being active in the fight against climate change and building resilient communities, the University of Buea Faculty of Science has been able to carry out several impactfull out reaches. They carried out a research on infrastructure and distributed a building code to some seven councils who are in the Mt. Cameroon area.

Furthermore, in Ndu, after a research on the impact of climate change they carried out an informative session with local stakeholders on how to sustain tea production in the face of the changes. Similarly, in the Northern region they drafted a policy brief which they handed to the government after a careful research on adaptibility.

All these highlighted with the main challenge being that of resources which they continue to work on and cop
e with.

Source: Cameroon News Agency