Warring Mandera Communities Agree To Coexist

In a significant development, the long-standing conflict between the Degodia and Murule communities in Mandera County has taken a promising turn towards peace and reconciliation.
The peace negotiations were prompted by recent disturbances instigated by criminals with the malicious intent of sowing discord within the formerly harmonious Mandera North community.
Representatives from both communities, including respected elders and high-ranking officials from Mandera County, as well as national and county government officers, convened a crucial peace summit.
In a spirit of unity, they unanimously agreed to cease hostilities immediately. Among the pivotal issues addressed during this historic meeting were the cessation of all forms of aggression and a collective commitment to restoring normalcy.
It was also emphasised that the government would take all necessary measures to enforce law and order in the region.
A pivotal outcome of the peace negotiations was the establishment of a 10-member Peace Committee, which includes representatives from the Gurreh, Degodia, and Murulle communities.
This committee will play a vital role in ensuring that the terms of the agreement are upheld and will serve as a platform for constructive dialogue.
During the gathering, Mandera Governor Mohamed Adan Khalif appealed to both communities to set aside their differences and embrace a future of peaceful coexistence.
He reaffirmed the county administration’s unwavering commitment to promoting harmony among all communities through continuous and timely engagement.
Regional Commissioner John Otieno echoed this sentiment, urging the newly-formed 10-member Peace Committee, comprised of Gurreh, Degodia, and Murulle representatives, to work diligently towards finding lasting solutions to the deep-seated issues that have plagued the region for far too long.
The recent clashes over communal lands in Rhamu, Mandera North, resulted in the destruction of property and the arrest of two individuals.
However, with the promising agreement reached between the Degodia and Murule communities, there is hope on the horizon for lasting peace and prosperity in Mandera County.

Source: Kenya News Agency