West: OTS resurfaces despite counter-strategy from administrative authorities, Menoua declared epicenter

Some teachers in some schools in the Nde and Menoua divisions of the West Region are responding positively to calls from the OTS and OTA movements- Operation Dead chalk

In a fax message on Monday, September, 11, Governor Awa Fonka Augustine instructed the Senior Divisional Officers of both divisions to take necessary and urgent measures to put an end to the strike action seemingly taking place in 8 schools in the Menoua and one school in the Nde.

The Governor says in the fax message that the situation, if not mastered by the SDOs, could be contagious and could paralyze the 2023-2024 academic year.

The SDOs are also asked to urgently render an account of their actions.

This reaction from the Governor comes a week into the new school after it was noticed that some teachers in Dschang, particularly at GBHS Dschang in the Menoua have been respecting calls for strike actions launched at the start of the new school year.

Pictures have been circulating on social media since the start of the new school year, in which a group of teachers at the school were seen holding placards with provocative messages addressed to the Minister of Secondary Education.

” Nalova gets herself a car for FCFA 125 million, meantime a Teacher has to wait for two years before getting his advance of less than FCFA 1 million,” read one of the grievances.

The Governor and his delegation made up of regional delegates of Basic and secondary education for the West, while launching the new school year on September 4, counterattacked the calls for strike actions. The strategy worked in some parts of the region.

Source: Cameroon News Agency