Your Days Are Numbered, Cattle Rustling Financiers

Rift Valley Regional Coordinator Mr. Abdi Hassan and his Eastern Counterpart Mr. Paul Rotich have put on notice politicians against financing criminals who cause insecurity in the region.

Speaking after chairing a security meeting involving the Regional and County Security Intelligence Committees from five counties, Mr. Hassan said the government would not give in to threats or intimidation from political leaders seeking termination of the security operation that has been going on in the North Rift and the neighbouring counties.

The meeting comprised security teams from Laikipia, Meru, Isiolo, Samburu, and Marsabit.

Mr. Hassan said that his team is currently addressing the long-standing cattle rustling in the region, adding that no threats from politicians would stop the government from working and delivering services to the taxpayers.

He added that enough security officers would be deployed to the Northern Corridor to ensure that the area gets developed, and he also warned those behind funding criminals
to reverse security gains that their days are numbered.

He said that over 200 firearms have been surrendered, and Samburu County is leading in yielding to the government amnesty, urging criminals in the bush to hand over the illegal guns and join other Kenyans in nation-building.

Eastern RC Mr. Paul Rotich said that the multi-agency team had arrested several foreigners who sneaked into the country without immigration documents, which he said has greatly reduced the trafficking of hard drugs from a neighbouring country.

Rotich challenged pastoralist communities to stop the outdated cultural practices and instead take their children to school so that they could get an opportunity to effectively compete with their counterparts from other parts of the country in building the nation.

He added that National Police Reservists (NPRs) are part of the security personnel that are organised to deal with rustling and other crimes in the absence of police and should work closely under the County Police Commander and no
t the local politicians.

The RC further directed County Commissioners and the security teams to disarm NPRs who would be found not to work for communities.

Rotich reminded the administrators that they earn salaries from tax-payers’ kitty and should therefore ensure that residents receive the best services from the government.

Source: Kenya News Agency