42nd BACDU Congress turns into CPDM campaign arena

By Ande Nanja Rene

The 42nd edition of the Bakundu Cultural and Development Union (BACDU), aimed at uniting a divided Bakundu people, became an avenue for the ruling CPDM.

A political bigwig and President General of BACDU, Chief Justice Benjamin Mutanga Itoe, Nganga Mataka Wa Bakundu, used the Bombe Bakundu Cultural Congress to urge his people to get themselves registered into the electoral list and to vote massively for their ‘everlasting leader’, Paul Biya in next year’s Presidential elections. In his over 35-minute address to the administration of Meme, and to the Bakundu people, the former Minister of Justice, said that Biya remains their natural leader, urging the four decades reign to continue.

The former Minister and member of the Commission of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism claimed that the CPDM chairman remains the only hope for the nation. Chief Justice Benjamin Itoe also used the event to reiterate the call of the head of State, for Separatist fighters to lay down their arms.

The 2024 BACDU
Congress, was held under the theme; ‘Revival, Unity, and Development of the Bakundu People’ in Bombe Bakundu, on the 15th, 16th, and 27th of March, 2024, was aimed at uniting the different factions of the tribe.

Reacting to the event, some locals expressed worries and disappointment to the absence of some other Bakundu elites like; Sonara Board Chair, Madam Ndo Beltha, Konye Municipal Mayor, Barrister Mosima George Lobe, Second Class Chief of Kake 1 Bongwana, Chief Ndoh Oscar Obase and host of others.

The issue of Paramountcy has been a dividing factor to the once United People.

One group of persons claimed, that Chief Justice Benjamin Itoe, a third Class Chief of Bombe was their choice for the Paramountcy of the Bakundu. Others argue that the seats of the Bakundu Paramountcy are at Kake 1, Bongwana, thereby insinuating, that Chief Ndoh Oscar Obase, the Second Class Chief of Kake 1 Bongwana, is the heir apparent to the throne.

The stool has been vacant since the demise of Tata Okia Wa Bakundu, Chief Henry
Namata Elangwe in March 2014.

Source: Cameroon News Agency