Adhere To Environmental Laws, Kenyans Told

Kisii residents have been urged to adhere to existing environmental laws and regulations even as they move to grow trees to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change. The call was made during a tree-planting exercise at Kisii Special School for the physically disabled in Kitutu Central Ward, Kitutu Chache South Constituency, Kisii County, on Monday. A Kisii County Member of the Public Service Board and nominated Member of the County Assembly, Lilian Gor, emphasised the importance of compliance with environmental laws for sustainable and effective measures to address the global menace that continues to cause drought and El Nino rains. She encouraged investors and stakeholders to leverage on the county's Climate Action Bill to support the devolved unit's efforts to combat the effects of climate change. Gor urged the National government to safeguard water catchment areas from encroachment and proposed the introduction of more national tree planting days. The MCA for Kitutu Central Ward, Duke Nyarango, called on residents to adhere to the county's executive order prohibiting the planting of eucalyptus trees along water sources. He highlighted the detrimental impact of such actions on the water supply. Nyarango emphasised the need to enhance river flows into major lakes and adopt environmentally friendly practices such as reducing plastic pollution. A nominated MCA Isabella Nyaboke advocated for tree planting in special schools, stressing the importance of educating children with special needs about the significance of planting trees. Source: Kenya News Agency