Africa Climate Summit will be kicked off Tomorrow in Nairobi, Kenya

Africa Climate Summit will be kicked off tomorrow in Nairobi, Kenya under the theme “Driving Green Growth & Climate Finance Solutions for Africa and the World.

The inaugural Africa Climate Summit, which will take place from 4th-6th September 2023, is organized by the African Union Commission in collaboration with the host government, Republic of Kenya.

The summit will be attended by African Heads of State and Government, global leaders, development partners, civil society organizations, researchers, academia and relevant stakeholders, among others.

More than 13,000 delegations from across 130 countries including several heads of states are expected to participate in the summit that is believed to advocate on bringing about new climate finance architecture. The summit also provides an opportunity for leaders to make a united voice in order achieve the desired impact.

According to the African Union Commission, the summit provides an opportunity for an African Leaders Nairobi Declaration on Green Growth and Climate Finance Solutions and for a Call to Action for African Union Member States and supporting partners to champion its delivery.

It seeks to launch a new ambition for Africa and invite partnerships with the rest of the world.

The summit serves as a platform to showcase progress, exchange perspectives, and begin to converge on common priorities for global discussions (including UNGA, G20, World Bank Group (WBG) and IMF Annual Meetings, COP28 and beyond).

It will enable African countries to define detailed plans, shape their associated tools and investments, inform and push for reforms of the international financial architecture.

The summit will help African nations to share innovation, knowledge, experience, and practical approaches to deepen and expand understanding of climate challenges and opportunities, and enable Africa to renew its vision and become more assertive in pursuing a climate and development agenda through a unified approach.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency