Back to school: administrative staff resume despite security challenges in Zavion

Just days to September 4, 2023, a date which marks the start of the new school year in Cameroon, administrative staff in various schools across the country are busy in schools doing final preparations for a smooth return of learners to school.

The administrative staff resumed on Monday August 28, 2023. At Government Bilingual High School (GBHS) Zavion, a locality at the border between Babadjou in the West and Magha in the South West region, the Principal assures students and parents of the readiness of his school to receive over 600 students this year despite the lack of teaching staff or a fence that will ensure the security of students and staff.

“My school is ready to receive the education family of Zavion this new academic year. The first thing will be to clear the grass around from day one and clean the surroundings as we expect over 600 students this year. We have been busy giving the okay to students for the payment of their tuition and examination fees since last week,” Foka Towa Raymond, Principal of the institution says.

“As major challenge this year we need teachers and a fence for the security of our children and staff. You know we are in a risk zone,” he adds.

“Despite all these challenges, the main objective will be to focus on discipline and improve the performance of students this year,” the Principal further says.

It should be recalled that some years back, a checkpoint was attacked by suspected separatists at the locality and a gendarmerie element was beheaded.

Principals are expected on Thursday August 31, 2023 to take part in the regional sector meeting in Bafoussam that will be presided over by the regional delegate for secondary education, François Ngabnya.

Source: Cameroon News Agency