BRICS Membership Plays Great Role in Bringing Additional Finance, Technology: Finance State Minister

BRICS membership will play a great role in bringing additional finance, technology, and development to Ethiopia, Finance State Minister Eyob Tekalign told ENA.

The state minister stressed that Ethiopia will continue working with every country, group and financial institution to realize its interests and benefits.

According to him, joining BRICS for Ethiopia is an additional opportunity and engine of financial and technological access and development fuel to the country.

Eyob observed that the economy of the countries accepted along with Ethiopia from the several countries that wanted to join BRICS, is big; and it means a lot for Ethiopia.

The endorsement of the country "is a demonstration of Ethiopia’s status in Africa and a brilliant leadership. It is the result of strong diplomatic achievement. This is a big historic occurrence.”

The acceptance of Ethiopia's membership also shows the country’s overall potential, status and hopes, the state minister explained, adding that it will be an additional capacity for development.

Technological capacity from these institutions, development financing from the New Development Bank, and the relations with our country "is an additional capacity and power,” he noted.

The state minister reiterated that the country is ready to contribute what is expected of it to the BRICS group and benefit from the bloc.

Recall that the leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) accepted Ethiopia, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Iran, and Egypt to join BRICS last week.

Its capital city being the seat of the African Union and the third diplomatic seat in the world, Ethiopia plays a significant role on continental and global issues.

Moreover, Ethiopia has also been the largest economy in East Africa and registering steady economic growth in the past years even amid many challenges.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency