CAK Seeks Support To Address Poverty

Christian Aid Kenya (CAK), together with other partners, has pledged to address the root causes of poverty and secure global agreements to eradicate poverty in the country. Partners involved in driving this change include Nyuki Hubs, the Cereal Grower Association (CGA), the National Taxpayer Associations (NTA), the Kenya Climate Change Working Group (KCCWG), the Institute of Public Finance Kenya (IPF), and The Institute of Social Accountability (TISA). Christian Aid Kenya Country Director Janet Ngombalulu emphasised that, as Christian Aid, they are celebrating some of the work done on climate change and its urgency, which plays a major role in reducing poverty. 'We have a vision to engage with our partners in having a world free from poverty where everyone has fullness of life,' she said. Ngombolulu noted that CAK is at the forefront of bringing issues of equality, dignity, and freedom to all, regardless of faith and nationality. Further, she stressed that CAK is here to bear witness and amplify the voices of marginalised communities. Ngombalulu said that their mission as an organisation included a global movement to alleviate poverty, expose cases of misuse of power, and provide humanitarian support. At the same time, Christian Aid Trustee United Kingdom Sam Bickersteth remarked that CAK is a charity engine that unites Kenya, engaging heavily in the future of international aid. 'We are very active in climate Justice and Economic Justice through the Humanitarian Development Advocacy in leading that conversation,' said Bickersteth. He called upon their partners to invest their money in the mission to end poverty as well as increase productivity and income for smallholder producers, microenterprises, women, and young people. 'Christian Aid works for enhanced access to inclusive financial services, inputs, and working capital for smallholder farmers,' stated Bickersteth. Bickersteth congratulated CAK for its contribution to empowering vulnerable communities and reducing poverty for marginalised families and communities under the theme 'OKOA UCHUMI'.

Source: Kenya News Agency