EMMI Empire Inc launches honorary award on leadership and business

The world is full of remarkable individuals who break barriers and inspire others with their achievements.

One such is Dr Erise Mary who recently hosted the First Honorary Award on Leadership and Business in the United States of America. This historic event took place at Union Station in Saint Louis, Missouri, during the first annual ceremony organized by Emmi Empire Inc, which is a global hub for business and leadership networking and collaboration.

The event recognized outstanding individuals and provided a platform for networking and business matchmaking. The inaugural Honorary Award on Leadership and Business was an exceptional gathering that brought together dignitaries from various countries as participants. The grand venue, Union Station, was the perfect backdrop for this momentous occasion. Attendees included renowned figures such as Mayor Babatunde Deinbo, the Mayor of Berkeley City, and Mayor Dinah Tatman, the Mayor of Bellefontaine.

H. E LAILA RAHHAL Dubai Gov supha XAYPRUSITH-MAYS Ambassador Sandeep and more CEOs —the event aimed to celebrate exceptional leadership and entrepreneurship while fostering connections among politicians, CEO, and other professionals.

About Emmi Empire

Emmi Empire is a non-profit empowerment organization dedicated to helping women, especially young single mothers, pursue success. This platform assembled people from diverse backgrounds and fostered collaboration. Emmi Empire Inc believes in the power of community and aims to provide a supportive platform for women to thrive and achieve their goals by equipping them with the necessary skills and support to succeed in their personal and professional lives via mentorship, and educational opportunities.

Source: Cameroon News Agency