Ethiopia Embarks on Ensuring Inclusive Growth, Repairing Fracture: PM Social Affairs Advisor

Addis Ababa: Ensuring inclusive development and growth by repairing Ethiopia's fractures is being made as a major priority of the nation in the far-reaching reform, according to Deacon Daniel Kibret, Prime Minister's Social Affairs Advisor with the Rank of Minister. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced on Tuesday the return of 'Tsehay' aircraft from Italy. Speaking at the official handover ceremony of the aircraft, the prime minister said 'today marks another historic milestone for Ethiopia with the handover of 'Tsehay' to the Government of Ethiopia by the Italian authorities.' Recall the modernization endeavors of Ethiopia in the aviation industry had started in 1920 to expand the sector. "Tsehay" is the first aircraft built in Ethiopia in 1935, under the collaborative efforts of the German engineer and pilot of the emperor, Herr Ludwig Weber, and Ethiopian individuals of that era. This demonstrated that Ethiopia moved to a new critical phase by building the "Tsehay" aircraft, which the country began to develop the aviation sector by buying airplanes abroad at that time, the prime minister's social affairs advisor said. "Tsehay" aircraft has been in Italy for the past 88 years and now it has returned to Ethiopia following meticulous diplomatic efforts made by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, Deacon Daniel pointed out. He further stated that a maximum effort is being intensified to repair Ethiopia's fractures following the reform. And the advisor indicated that the return of this aircraft is a good demonstration of the ongoing endeavors to address the nation's fracture that has been witnessed in various spheres. 'Over the year, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been following up on the matter of the aircraft by approaching the Italian officials and the relevant bodies. The premier has also paid dual attention for this issue as his main diplomatic agenda……..Essentially, repairing the nation's facture is the principle of the reform journey' Daniel added that repairing all-round fractures of Ethiopia is top priority in these ongoing activities of the reform that will pave the way for ensuring Ethiopia's growth and prosperity. Through the efforts of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, the advisor noted the return of the "Tsehay" aircraft from Italy to Ethiopia is a continuation of the journey by repairing the fracture caused by Ethiopians' efforts to become self-reliant. Noting that one of the critical matters in the processes of the reform is to repair the country's fractures, there are different chapters of history where Ethiopians' initiatives for self-reliance were hampered, he revealed. According to Daniel the return of this aircraft to its country and its appearance in Ethiopia would signify the positive move of the government in repairing of fractures. Most importantly, the return of 'Tsehay' aircraft will enable the generation to realize the previous success and aspire for a better future. Source: Ethiopian News Agency