Ethiopia to Repatriate Some 70,000 Citizens from Saudi Arabia in Two Weeks

Addis Ababa: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the third phase of repatriation of 70 thousand Ethiopians who are in a difficult situation in Saudi Arabia will begin in two weeks.

State Minister, Ambassador Birtukan stated this whilst the National Committee chaired by herself advised on the plan to return citizens in difficult situations in Saudi Arabia, today.

She also said that the work of repatriating citizens to their country requires the joint coordination of federal institutions and regional states included in the national committee.

Ambassador Birtukan reminded the stakeholders that the necessary budget, logistics and shelters should be prepared for the returnees when they arrive in Addis Ababa for the repatriation of citizens to be successful.

The Director General of Refugees and Returnees, Tayba Hassan, on her part, stated that the relevant institutions and regional states should pay special attention to the work of returning our citizens who are in difficult situations.

The members
of the National Committee confirmed that they will make the necessary arrangements to complete the plan on time, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency