Ethiopian Airlines Building Five Additional Domestic Airports

Addis Ababa: Ethiopian Airlines Group is building five more domestic airports with the view to expanding domestic destinations, Chief Executive Officer Mesfin Tasew said.

Ethiopian Airlines Group CEO Mesfin Tasew told ENA that the airline is working to expand domestic and international destinations.

According to him, the airline has 136 international and 22 domestic destinations.

With the increasing number of its planes, the airline is expanding its domestic destinations, it was learned.

The airports would be built at Mizan Tepi Aman, Negele Borena, Yabelo, Gore Mettu and Debre Markos.

The CEO stated that 4 of the airports will be completed within a year.

Expansion of destinations is implemented in accordance with needs of domestic customers, Mesfin said, additional airports would be built based on study.

On the other hand, he pointed out that Aksum and Kebridehar airports are being renovated, the CEO said, adding that both will be open soon.

The airline will continue expanding domestic routes, accord
ing to Mesfin.

Ethiopian Airlines has set a vision to increase its annual revenue to 25 billion US dollars by 2035 and to transport 67 million passengers in a year.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency