Ethiopia’s Entry into BRICS Expedites Export Trade: President of Ethiopian Institute of Public Diplomacy

Ethiopia’s entry into BRICS will give it a new impetus for increasing the volume of export and import trade as the country is a large market of more than 120 million people, Yasin Ahmed, President of the Ethiopian Institute for Public Diplomacy in Sweden, Yasin Ahmed told Ethiopian News Agency(ENA).

Yasin emphasized for the need to make concerted efforts by the government, the private sector and the people to benefit from the bilateral relations between Ethiopia and BRICS member countries.

Creating awareness on Ethiopia’s accession to the BRICS and the opportunities it provides among Ethiopians is important to maximize the benefits, Yasin noted.

He added that Ethiopia’s entry into BRICS enhances the role and influence of the African continent at the world level as it promotes African cause within BRICS.

As major projects are expected to stimulate the Ethiopian economy through the involvement of BRICS member states, trade and investment opportunities must be clarified to Ethiopians and other countries as well, he said.

He urged Ethiopian diplomatic missions in overseas to intensify their role in introducing the investment opportunities that exist in Ethiopia to the countries they are accredited.

“The Ethiopian diplomatic corps have duties, to identify the market and investment opportunities that exist in Ethiopia. Efforts should be intensified to attract more foreign direct investments(FDI), particularly, following Ethiopia’s entry into the BRICS group, ” he concluded.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency