Illicit Brews Seized In Lamu Crackdown

Security officers in Lamu Island destroyed 960 litres of illicit liquor seized from Manda Maweni, Mararani, Uwiyoni, Kashmiri, and Kandahari areas within the two Lamu Central archipelagos. In a major operation led by Philip Oloo, the Assistant County Commissioner of Lamu Central, law enforcement agencies successfully netted illicit brews including the Mnazi traditional during the ten-day operation. The operation was prompted by a surge in public indecency, crime rates, school dropouts, and declining academic performance in the affected areas, all attributed to the proliferation of illegal alcohol. Concerned by the deteriorating security situation in the four areas, Oloo stated that security agencies coordinated a multi-agency effort to apprehend illicit brew sellers and dismantle their operations. This move came after heavy public outcry and rising concerns from residents about the adverse effects of that the illicit brews were having within the respective areas, especially among the youths 'During the operation, 20 individuals were arrested in connection with the illicit brew trade,' the senior public administration officer pointed out. Oloo further stressed the importance of ongoing crackdowns to prevent the resurgence of these illegal drinking dens, acknowledging the joint efforts made by law enforcement agencies to address the challenge. Addressing the issue while destroying the illicit brew, Oloo urged members of the public to provide information about the location of these drinking dens, emphasizing the importance of community involvement in curbing the menace. Additionally, he called upon the Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) to pass stringent laws aimed at tackling the existence of illicit drinking dens in the region. 'One of the challenges faced by law enforcement agencies in their crackdown is the lack of adequate support for the Liquor License Board, which hampers their ability to regulate and monitor establishments effectively,' he stated, adding that the lack of allocation of resources has allowed illegal drinking dens to operate with impunity. Sentiments echoed by Lamu Central OCS Samuel Muturi, who highlighted the challenges faced by law enforcement, particularly in licensing and regulation. He emphasized that the proliferation of illicit brews had not only fueled public health concerns, but had also contributed significantly to the escalation of crime in the affected areas.

Source: Kenya News Agency