Inua Jamii Registration Exercise Kicks Off In Garissa

The government has launched the first phase of the Inua Jamii registration exercise to bring on board older members of the society aged 70 years and above, people with severe disabilities and orphans whose caregivers are unable to fully support them.

The registration, which will continue in the next 20 days countrywide will see the beneficiaries receive a monthly stipend of Sh 2,000.

Speaking Friday during the launch of the exercise, the Garissa acting County Commissioner Solomon Chesut called on all elders in the society to avail themselves with their national identity cards for registration.

Chesut further said that the exercise is free of charge and warned that anyone who will try to solicit money from the members of the public pretending to help them in the process will face the law.

‘This exercise is free and no one should be asked to pay anything. I want to warn anyone thinking of soliciting money from the elders, that you will be arrested and charged,’ Chesut said.

The County social services coordinator Titus Mulandi said that regarding people living with disabilities, they will register only those with severe disabilities.

‘We are looking to only register those with severe disabilities such that they must have caregivers at all times, notably those who cannot bathe and feed themselves or need attention all the time,’ Mulandi said.

‘For the children, we are registering orphans and they must have a caregiver who should submit a burial permit or death certificate of the dead parent(s). We will also be registering children whose parents are chronically ill in a way that they cannot provide for them,’ he added.

Mulandi said they intend to register all elderly people of 70 years and above, 609 people living with disabilities and 4125 children.

Source: Kenya News Agency

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