Manyu: More than 30 die in Amba attack

More than 30 civilians were killed early Monday in Egbekaw village, Manyu Division.

Two days ago on November 4, 2023, a separatist fighter in Egbekaw village in Mamfe, Manyu Division of the South West, was killed allegedly by men from neighboring Nigeria, hired to secure the area ( The Boki community that lives in Egbekaw village spread across the boundary between Nigeria and Cameroon. Those around Cameroon living in Egbekaw are said to have invited men across the borders to protect them from separatist activities) according to information Cameroon News Agency gathered.

Mamfe, is the chief town of Manyu Division. Since 2016, one of the worst incidents that have occurred in the Seven-year-old armed conflict in the Anglophone regions, has taken place in Mamfe. This includes the murder of Mayor Ashu Mamfe Mayor Killed, Two Soldiers Injured In Eshobi – Cameroon News Agency in 2020. Individuals have been using the situation to settle scores while communities are said to have armed themselves against invading forces.

The Boki Community living in Egbekaw had left Akwaya, another popular town in the Manyu division. They settled there for the past years due to the armed conflict. But during the past week, they allegedly hired mercenaries from Nigeria to hunt down Ambazonia separatists who are said to give them nightmares in Egbekaw.

Cameroon News Agency’s correspondent who spoke with witnesses said, the separatist fighter was shot in the head and buried in the Egbekaw village on Sunday.

His colleagues vowed that they were going to retaliate, a Quarter head revealed to CNA.

“The Amba ( referring to separatists) from Mamfe promised hell on the Boki people and equally warned anyone who is housing any Boki indigene in their areas that they are going to come for them,” a source said.

CNA also heard from witnesses that the people of Egbekaw were also warned to send away all people from Boki from their houses, or else they were going to attack them. Security forces were alerted but they ignored the warnings.

“The shooting that lasted for about two hours was without any military intervention,” a CNA reporter said.

Houses, shops, and hospitals were vandalized before setting them ablaze. “They used petrol and burned people in their sleep. This morning we are just realising that many houses were burned and some corpses are still being counted”

A CNA findings revealed that Ambazonia forces called Tigers of Manyu carried out the attack. Findings also show that the houses burned were targetted, “They knew the houses very well, that is why most of those who died are from Boki”

Source: Cameroon News Agency

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