Nairobi County Sensitises Stakeholders On Public Participation

Nairobi County Government today hosted an Inclusivity, Public Participation, and Customer Service Partners’ Roundtable meeting to provide an opportunity for discussions on the Governor’s vision of making Nairobi work towards a city of order, dignity, hope, and opportunities.

Roundtable brings together different partners from Civil Society, Non-Governmental Organisations, and People with Disabilities.

Highlighting the changes, Nairobi City County Executive Committee Member Inclusivity, Public Participation, and Customer Service Dr. Anastasia Nyalita listed Gender and Inclusivity,culture, arts and tourism, citizen engagement, customer service, and IT as having critical role to play when it comes to service to the residents of Nairobi.

She said that a formal engagement gives partners the confidence that whatever they are doing is aligned with the county-integrated management and plans so that both are not running parallel programmes and duplicating work.

To have an impact, Dr. Nyalita disclosed that the cou
nty government plans to hold quarterly meetings to brief on progress made at the county level.

‘In terms of the functions of public participation, citizen engagement, and customer service, the county government is mandated to hold public participation, and for citizen engagement, it has the right to access information and undertake research and innovation on e-government services, overseeing implementations of capabilities and building initiatives on e-government,’ she said.

Under city culture, arts, and tourism, Dr. Nyalita announced that the county government has planned functions such as the vibe of the city and the Nairobi festival, which is slated for the 12th to 17th of December.

She also said that the county government will hold cultural activities, such as the promotion of unity and cultural activities.

Source: Kenya News Agency