Nation to Cultivate Wheat on 3 Million Hectares in Summer

Addis Ababa, The target for this Ethiopian year summer wheat cultivation would be three million hectares, which is 1.7 million more than last year's, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said today.

During his visit to development sites and launching of wheat cultivation in the Afar region, the premier noted the land cultivated last Ethiopian year was 1.3 million hectares.

According to him, the nation's wheat growth trend and expansion of the summer wheat program is very exciting.

"Leaving aside previous years, when we compare last year to this year, 1.3 million hectares were cultivated in summer last year. But this year we are planning to cultivate three million hectares, 1.7 million hectares more than last year."

PM Abiy further revealed that this year’s production is expected to exceed 100 million quintals... "This is a significant development."

He recalled that the rains in the just-ended season were good. "The winter was great and we added 2 million hectares more. Therefore, the production was excellent and harvesting is now underway in most areas.

In Afar region there is good soil, and water, the premier noted, adding "if we connect these elements and expand wheat cultivation, we can cover as much land with wheat as we have achieved at the national level."

This summer, from the combination of both winter and summer wheat production we can cover both domestic demand and even export the rest, he projected

Source: Ethiopian News Agency