Oshikoto police launch festive season operation

Oshikoto Regional Police Commander, Commissioner Teopoline Kalompo-Nashikaku, has emphasised the police's commitment to combating crime during the festive season. Speaking during the Oshikoto regional police briefing session on the festive season operation at the police headquarters in Omuthiya on Tuesday, Nashikaku said the operation is scheduled to run from 17 November 2023 until 17 January 2024, with the primary goal of preventing crimes and minimising fatalities. 'We pledge zero fatalities, zero deaths on our roads, and no stock theft during this festive season,' Nashikaku said. Addressing road safety concerns, Nashikaku expressed the intention to decrease road accidents compared to last year, announcing an increased presence of traffic officers on the B1 road. 'We want to reduce accidents, deaths, and injuries on the road this year by implementing numerous roadblocks,' the commissioner stated. She also expressed concern about rising stock theft cases in the region and said there is a demand for mea t from local farmers in other regions. 'Our region has many farmers, leading to frequent occurrences of stock theft coupled with people seeking meat from here to take to other regions, making our region susceptible to crime,' Nashikaku noted. The commissioner also acknowledged the influx of holidaymakers over the festive season and urged the public to cooperate with the police. 'We have discovered dissatisfaction with our presence, especially at roadblocks, while our primary aim is to save lives,' she stated. She urged those visiting or passing through the Oshikoto Region to adhere to regulations. 'People should enjoy their holidays and celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve under the guidance of the men and women responsible for upholding the law of this country,' Nashikaku said. Source: The Namibian Press Agency

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