Representatives of Addis Ababa Conducting Consultation to Sort Out City Level Agendas

Addis Ababa: The Representatives of Addis Ababa who are given roles to sort out agendas for the city are rigorously discussing important issues that will be dealt with by Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission (ENDC.)

A four-day Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission’s chapters of the dialogue sessions that brought together representatives from various segments of the society of Addis Ababa concluded yesterday.

Political parties, representatives of institutions, associations, representatives from the three branches of the government i.e. the executive, the legislative and the judicial, as well as representatives of opinion leaders and other stakeholders participated in the consultation.

The participants, who are 121, have represented 11 social groups in Addis Ababa are anticipated to discuss the agendas each group has gathered, and then organize and set city level agendas.

Ethiopia has already embarked on its first-ever national dialogue and a highly anticipated nationwide consultation project in response
to historical and contemporary contradictions and challenges.

At the inaugural session of the nationwide agenda setting consultative chapter held at the Adwa Victory Memorial Museum on Saturday, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed took part as a stakeholder representing the government.

At the event, the prime minister urged all stakeholders not to miss this opportunity and utilize this rare and historic opportunity properly for dialogue, towards making all Ethiopians winner.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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