Sheger City Launches Ultramodern Road Project to Connect All Sub-cities

Addis Ababa: Oromia region president, Shimelis Abdisa has today launched a 150 km state -of – the art road development project connecting all sub-cities in the newly established Sheger City Administration.

Mayor of Sheger City Administration, Teshome Adugna, Abba Geddas and other high ranking government officials attended the launching ceremony held in Kurajida Sub-City.

It was discovered that the project’s goal is to link Sheger City administration’s all sub-cities.

The 150 km project will be implemented with phases of construction. The first phase will be carried out with a cost of over 4.5 billion Birr to construct a 38.5 km of the total road.

The objective is to connect all of the five sub-cities under the administration of Sheger City: Kurajida, Legetafo, Legedadi, Gelan, and Koyefech.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency