Stakeholder Representatives Emphasize Active Engagement in Consultations to Consolidate Nation Building

Addis Ababa: Representatives of various stakeholders who are participating at the agenda setting and consultative chapter in Addis Ababa stressed through active participation at the nationwide consultation, they are leaving a historic milestone to the nation building endeavours.

Political parties, representatives of institutions, associations, representatives from the three branches of the government i.e. the executive, the legislative and the judicial, as well as representatives of opinion leaders and other stakeholders are participating at the consultation.

There are 121 participants who represented various parts of the society in the capital city and are actively engaged in the agenda setting discussions, agenda gathering to organize and ultimately set city level agendas.

Some of the representatives who are participating at the agenda setting and consultative chapter told ENA about the need to active participation to determine the fate of the country.

They observed that the representatives adhered to t
he principles of democracy, respect, and listening to the views of various sections of the participants.

Retired Colonel Admasu Berhanu, who represented the former Army Support and Development Association, said that the consultations are a major historical departure to resolve differences be they economic, political and social settings in the country through dialogue.

“This means that I have made history at my age,” he said, expressing the benefits of participating in the consultation that determines the country’s fate,’ he said.

Teshale Sebro who is among the prominent figures participating at the consultation pointed out that the consultation ‘will address our decades-old problems’, anchoring the peace of the country on solid basis.

He added that participating at the agenda setting and consultative chapter to foster Ethiopia’s unity, reach national consensus and lasting peace and sustainable development are historical phenomenon.

Mohamed Abrar, representing Gurage Unity and Justice Party (GOGOT) said t
hat they have a consistent position that Ethiopia’s problems should be solved through dialogue.

According to him, his party will actively participate to exploit the opportunity provided by the consultations to find solutions to our problems through dialogue.

For her part, Zainba Shakur, a representative of the Addis Ababa Government Council, said that the consultation forum was conducted freely and transparently.

Commissioner Zige Asfaw, Commissioners of the Ethiopian National Dialogue, said that the stakeholders participation at the consultation will set the agendas and should continue their consultations to determine the fate of their country.

Recall that the Prime Minister Abiy called on all stakeholders to seize this opportunity and participate effectively to find solutions to the country’s challenges.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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