Thika Level 5 Hospital To Conduct Free Fistula Medical Camp

African Medical Research Foundation (AMREF) Health Africa in partnership with M-pesa Foundation will hold a week-long Fistula Camp at Thika Level 5 Hospital, from 7th June to 14th June, this year.

During the camp period fistula patients will receive free surgery, physiotherapy and medical advice.

Fistula is a debilitating condition caused by obstructed or prolonged labor often due to lack of skilled health care.

It brings about suffering and women living with it have to live with low self -esteem and are often stigmatized.

The camp will be put in place in an effort to empower women by letting them enjoy a quality and dignified life by screening for fistula, counselling and treatment.

Amref flying doctors will lead the line in providing health care for the disease that is unique to women.

Amref flying doctors’ representative Cynthia Oningoi told KNA that the camp will not only treat the disease but will also help in identifying other underlying ailments that victims may be suffering from.

She encouraged
those living with the condition to come for free medication and counselling noting: ‘These camps offer an opportunity for patients suffering from fistula to get screened and also to identify for other possible congenital ailments and subsequently get medical advice and treatment free of charge.’

Fistula, Oningoi stated is treatable and encouraged the public to alert them whenever they come across any woman with the condition.

The group is currently carrying out awareness campaigns on the treatment through radio, TV, social media and newspapers so that no woman is left behind.

Women living in rural areas are often more susceptible to the condition as a result of neglected childbirth though the condition can occur through accident or difficult childbirth.

Those living with the condition in Kenya are currently classified as persons with disabilities (PWDs).

Fistula can be prevented through proper and skilled birth attendance.

Source: Kenya News Agency

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