Youths Actively Participating In Agendas Setting Consultations in Addis, Say Participants

Addis Ababa: Youths who have taken roles in the agenda gathering consultative chapter in Addis Ababa have said they are actively participating in the efforts of sorting out city level agendas.

Representatives of various segments the society in Addis Ababa have conducted rigorous consultation on setting the agendas of the city as part of the participatory nationwide agenda gathering and consultative chapter.

Samson Gelaw who participated at the consultation chapter in Addis Ababa, representing Yeka sub-city youths told ENA that the processes of agenda gathering is participatory and being conducted in good faith.

As a result of conducive situation created by the National Dialogue Commission, we have presented agenda items transparently and without restriction, he said.

And for similar agenda setting and consultations which will follow elsewhere, he urged youths in different parts of the country to discharge their responsibilities for lasting peace in the country by presenting their agendas in civilized mann

The other youth Simegn Tibebu on her part said they are actively participating in the agenda gathering and consultative chapter.

She stressed that the process of nation building will be successful through dialogue and consultations and added that youths should recognize these essential values and actively participate in the agenda setting and consultative chapter.

Rahel Yinesu who Represented Arada Sub-city youths on her part stressed that nation building will be anchored on solid basis and peace be solidified if we disentangle ourselves from individualistic feelings and collectively rally behind nation building.

Especially we youths should work together and in unison to ensure the peace of the country, she said.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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